Economic Justice Advocacy (Puerto Rico No Se Vende)

Update —
June 30, 2023

La Tejedora is playing a key role in efforts of the Puerto Rico No Se Vende campaign, a multisectoral campaign that seeks to end Act 22 tax exceptions in Puerto Rico and combat the displacement of Puerto Ricans across the archipelago. As part of our efforts to educate policymakers and community members about these issues, La Tejedora's Loidymar Duprey has participated in panels in Puerto Rico and in Washington, DC, about the U.S.-imposed Fiscal Oversight Board’s efforts to push extreme austerity measures that have resulted in the closure of over 300 schools, the slashing of the University of Puerto Rico's budget by more than half, and the closure of hospitals and privatization of essential services like electricity throughout the archipelago. La Tejedora has also participated in several conferences and direct actions calling attention to the issue.

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