Impact and Innovation Initiative

The silhouette of a woman in front of a brightly painted wall

Progressive organizations face tremendous pressure to respond to the urgent, whether by marshaling resources for defense from immediate threats, seizing opportunities for incremental change, or jumping from one campaign to the next. As a result, our movement is perpetually pivoting to the “now,” leading us to neglect the perspective, strategies, and tools we need for campaigns to transform the future in more fundamental ways.

The Action Lab works across bounds of issue and geography, with movement leaders from diverse disciplines, to develop new campaigns that aim higher and, often, bridge typical divisions and silos. We work with organizations and coalitions from the ground up to design experiments in tactics, strategy and methodology that become successful high-impact campaigns.

To imagine a radical new future and map our way there, we must revisit and refine our theories of change, lengthen the timeline for our work, and build new muscles and connective tissue for shared, strategic work across organization, role, and discipline.