Take A Breath Residency at The Action Lab: Applications Open!

Update —
February 22, 2024

The Take a Breath Residency (TAB) is a project of the The Gathering Strength Initiative at The Action Lab (TAL). It creates vital space for rest, reflection, and respite—for organizers, leaders, movement artists,  and communities to cultivate individual and collective wellbeing. Rooted in the traditions of healing justice which have nourished and sustained resistance and social change work in this country since its founding, the Gathering Strength Initiative is designed to honor the humanity at the heart of social justice work by providing a sanctuary which centers individual well-being and collective care as elements of a healthy, resilient social justice movement.

TAB Residencies offer a space for individual movement organizers, artists, healers, and other leaders to rest, reflect, and cultivate practices that will nourish and strengthen their efforts to imagine and create a more just and equitable future.  The residencies are self-guided at our rustic retreat center in Ossining, NY (or other locations, as indicated), allowing participants to design their experience while being fully supported with daily schedule that includes nourishing meals, daily movement, mindfulness activities, and optional local outings. Rest, reflection, and days spacious enough to invite awareness, peace, or any other personal goals set by our residents, are our anchor. We invite you to apply with this in mind. Your time at Take a Breath is entirely yours.


The Take A Breath Residency is free of charge to all selected participants.

Residencies will be offered on the following dates:

May 3rd- 8th (The Action Lab, Ossining, NY)

June 2nd- 7th (Borden Estates, Wallkill, NY)

July 19- 24 (The Action Lab, Ossining, NY)

October 18-23 (The Action Lab, Ossining, NY)

**Submission Deadlines: **

The deadline for submission of the completed application form is March 15, 2024. All accepted participants will be notified by April 1, 2024.


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