The 2024 Law & Organizing Academy (LOA) kicked off today! LOA is a joint project of The Action Lab, the Law and Political Economy (LPE) Project’s Law and Organizing Initiative, and the Initiative for Community Power at NYU School of Law. LOA brings law students together on an immersive retreat to build community and learn key frameworks and skills at the intersection of organizing, law, and political economy.

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Amid the escalating and interlocking crises that define our current moment, progressive law students are seeking ways to practice law that build movement power. Yet law schools rarely provide space to interrogate the relationship between law and organizing, and there are even fewer opportunities to come together to forge solidarity across institutional boundaries. LOA provides that space by connecting students with organizers and scholars to learn about current campaigns for labor power, housing justice, and abolition and to apply frameworks of law and political economy to those struggles.

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