Building Our Future: Grassroots Reflections on Social Housing

Update —
May 22, 2024
Building Our Future: Grassroots reflections on Social Housing report cover

We’re thrilled to announce the release of our new report, "Building Our Future: Grassroots Reflections on Social Housing," a comprehensive look at the urgent need for transformative housing solutions driven by communities and for communities – solutions which prioritize those most impacted and most in need.

As the U.S. housing crisis deepens, the demand for bold action that provides us with safe, stable, and truly affordable housing grows ever stronger. Housing should enrich our lives, not the pockets of wealthy investors. That's where Social Housing – housing for people, not profit – comes in.

What exactly do we mean by “Social Housing”?

Our vision is rooted in a powerful movement led by tenants and unhoused people, guided by the fundamental belief that housing should be controlled by the people who live in it. Grounded in racial, gender, and economic justice movements, this report delves into the principles of social housing: deeply and permanently affordable, publicly or collectively owned, and democratically controlled by residents.

Highlights from the Report:

  • **Real Stories, Real Solutions: **Frontline activists share their experiences, challenges, and victories in advocating for social housing. From tenant unions and rent strikes to legislative wins and public housing initiatives, these grassroots efforts showcase the diverse strategies and shared commitment to decommodifying housing.
  • **Wins Across the Country: **Hear about how California’s SB 555 mandates a government study on 100% affordable and below-market social housing, how Los Angeles’s Mansion Tax will generate revenue to pilot social housing projects, how Seattle established the Seattle Social Housing Developer (SSHD), and how Kansas City secured a $50 million bond for affordable housing.
  • **Principles of Social Housing: **Learn about the core tenets that make social housing a viable and just alternative to the current profit-driven system. Housing should be deeply affordable, community-controlled, and rooted in equity and racial justice.

We invite you to dive into the full report and explore the potential of social housing to transform our communities. Read the report here.

Join the Movement:

Read and share the report within your networks. Use our social media toolkit to help spread the word. Together, we can amplify the call for housing justice and build a future where housing is a fundamental human right.

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