Lah Tere
Advisory Board
Humanitarian, Organizer, Activist, and Emcee

Lah Tere is a humanitarian, organizer, activist, emcee, songstress, proud BBW ( Big, Beautiful Woman) and a visionary speaker for the 21st Century. The Afro-Antillean/Puerto Rican/Boricua sister grew up in Chicago's historic Puerto Rican community of Humboldt Park near the famed Paseo Boricua. She is the first generation born on the mainland, and the daughter of revolutionary educators and survivors. Lah was a member of Rebel Diaz, an internationally known rap group that took a critical and political stance on many social issues from police brutality on the streets of New York to violence against women globally. Her dedication and hard work granted her the opportunity to travel to Spain, Germany, Ireland, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Chile, Venezuela, Tanzania, and Palestine. Lah writes and performs about domestic violence issues and links popular media examples of violence against women to secrets and silences in communities of color around molestation, rape, and other forms of violence against women's bodies that are too often normalized and naturalized in popular culture. Through her political and global activism, Lah Tere has worked to carve her own niche outside of the commercial hip-hop industry, and focused on building communities from within. As an emcee, she uses hip-hop as a didactic tool as well as an emotional release technique for individual and communal healing. Lah is globally sharing her message that "Self-Love dissolves Self-Hate" and is conjointly working on her own personal healing. Her healing has been an intense and raw journey in which she is extremely grateful for. She is currently being booked internationally as a motivational speaker and lecturer on women's rights and Hip Hop Healing.