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Our current moment demands action—action driven by a vision of a radically new future, fueled by innovation and new strategies for change, and grounded in reflection, learning, new forms of connection and a new, liberatory culture.  

To envision and realize our goal of freedom and dignity for all, The Action Lab generates opportunity—to rejuvenate, to dream, to build community, to learn, to create, to innovate, and to take courageous action. We foster cross-discipline, cross-movement spaces to lift out of the immediate and expand our conception of what’s possible. 

Through gatherings, learning, experimentation, incubation, and fellowships, the Action Lab nurtures and challenges our movements to imagine new ways forward, to care for ourselves and each other, to sharpen our analysis and our actions, and to dream and act ambitiously. 

We appreciate your support for The Action Lab as we create a sanctuary for strategy and a gathering place to create our future.