In the midst of profound political and cultural upheaval, there is significant potential for radical change. For it to happen, though, we must do better. Our movements need a renewed path forward—and new practices to realize a radically new future of abundance, resilience, justice, freedom, solidarity, and dignity for all.

Spending energy endlessly pivoting to meet this moment will not be enough. Movements, organizations, and leaders need a space and means to renew the bonds of community to imagine an inspired future that the vast majority of Americans and people around the world want—along with the ability to step back to think more deeply and creatively about the strategies to get there.

The Action Lab creates space that grassroots, national, and international movements need—a sanctuary for strategy and a gathering place to create our future.


To envision and realize our goal of freedom and dignity for all, The Action Lab generates opportunity—to rejuvenate, to dream, to build community, to learn, to create, to innovate, and to take courageous action. We foster cross-discipline, cross-movement spaces to lift out of the immediate, imagine our way decades into the future, expand our conception of what’s possible, and build the collective muscle and connections to drive towards that vision.

Our History

Situated on 26 acres less than an hour north of New York City, The Action Lab is both a physical home for builders, creators, campaigners, organizers, and leaders—and a community of action anchored in relationship, rigor, and solidarity.

Bailey Farms, the first incarnation of The Action Lab, was founded in 1981 to provide a peaceful haven principally for non-profit groups working towards the common good to hold meetings, workshops and conferences. In 2016 the Center for Popular Democracy took control and made it a Movement Center for strategy and action for the CPD network, social justice organizations and allies. 

Through the engagement of new board stakeholders in 2020, including Harry Belafonte and Aloe Blacc, The Action Lab became an independent organization committed to maintaining a vibrant space to hold gatherings and creative programing that cultivate respite, build shared experiences, and set the stage for radical re-imagination and strategy for change.