Sumitra Rajkumar

Senior Fellow for Cultural Strategies

Sumitra Rajkumar cut her movement building teeth in the racial justice uprisings of the mid 90’s. The fierce collective dignity of those times instilled a lifelong commitment to rearrange unjust social orders alongside others willing and acting towards the same. After a decade in popular education efforts as well as co-producing media and documentary work with youth, amidst ongoing study in political economy, she moved on to political education workshops and organizational support with community organizers under the auspices of Social Justice Leadership in 2010. While at SJL, she trained with its partner organization, generative somatics, in politicized somatics — a method that addresses trauma and connects personally embodied values to social transformation. Since then she has applied her training as a leadership coach and therapeutic practitioner to organizers, cultural workers and social justice organizations. Sumitra is also writing a novel about two conflict photographers who struggle to reconcile their love within the shifting contradictions of their times. She has higher hopes for the left.