Sanjana Khan


Sanjana co-founded Laal in 2018 with Ayesha Akhtar. Having grown up in a traditional, toxic, patriarchal society with a high prevalence of gender-based violence and discrimination in Norwood, they both noticed the lack of safe spaces for Bangladeshi womxn in their community. In just three years, they created the first physical space dedicated solely for Bangladeshi and Bengali womxn in NYC. Laal provides holistic, social justice oriented, customized curriculums in ESL, Wellness, Mental Health, and Reproductive Justice. Beyond that, their womxn have started to become community advocates themselves – leading ESL and Citizenship classes, stewarding the Community Garden and holding their elected officials accountable. Laal has also registered over 200 womxn to vote in local elections. Sanjana believes in leading with and in solidarity with my community.