Peter Salett

Musician & Activist Founder, the Hometown Project


Peter Salett is a musician, activist, and the founder of The Hometown Project, which connects well known people with local candidates and issues in their hometowns. The Hometown Project has worked with state Democratic Parties, national partners including Planned Parenthood, Sister District, and People for the American Way, and local organizations including Kentuckians for the Commonwealth, MOVE Texas, Clean Virginia, Shared Roots Missouri, and many more. In 2020, videos made by hometown artists and influencers motivated over 5 million voters in key districts across the country. As a musician, Peter has been described as a “winsome pop poet” in the New York Times, and has written songs featured in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Keeping the Faith, Get Him to the Greek, Wet Hot American Summer, Maldonado Miracle, and more.