Nicolás Dumit Estévez Raful Espejo



Mine has been an elusive path that has been manifesting itself performatively through creative experiences that I unfold within the quotidian.  I grew up in a culturally and spiritually diverse home in the Caribbean island of Quisqeya —in the Taíno language, Mother of All Lands— rich in cross-pollinations of all kinds. This upbringing prepared me for becoming familiar and at ease with the different roads that I would tread through the years: as an art pilgrim to different museums in the New York City metropolitan area, as an educator who has worked in countries far away from my social locations —with students from toddlers to elders—, and as a being interested in connecting with the movement of life at a cosmic level. In 2011, I was baptized as a Bronxite by Susan Newmark Fleminger and Bill Aguado, in a ceremony officiated by Martha Wilson.