Leilani Salvador


Through my work with BAY-Peace, I help to build and sustain youth-led leadership development programs at BAY-Peace where I empower/support youth in healing/juvenile justice, violence prevention, demilitarization and community based art efforts. As the Director, I take great responsibility in ensuring that our organization maintains strong alignment and commitment to our mission, vision and values. I also strive to ensure that we (our organization as a whole, and each individual member/participant) have the resources, knowledge and support needed to succeed. Leading a youth-led organization means that I help to maintain a youth majority within our leadership, provide extensive leadership development support for our staff/programs as well as real-time opportunities for our youth to lead in movement/community spaces where their voices/agency/leadership is often limited or non-existent. Throughout the year, our youth lead Healing Circulos, community based art projects, various campaigns (related to demilitarization, juvenile justice& educational justice) as well as both intimate and large community gatherings.