Kahlil Jacobs-Fantauzzi

Educator / Cultural Arts / Producer


Kahlil Jacobs-Fantauzzi has worked as an educator in urban public schools for over 20 years. He currently teaches Social Studies in the South Bronx, interspersing multimedia, music, and technology in his praxis. Kahlil is a producer at Clenched Fist Productions- a media company dedicated to documenting the use of music as a tool for social justice. He has teamed up with his brother Eli Jacobs-Fantauzzi on three award-winning documentary films- Bakosó being the most recent. Kahlil is the founder of Libertad, an international cultural exchange tour that brings artists, educators, and activists to hold workshops in various Caribbean countries. Kahlil completed his Bachelors Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from UC Berkeley and a Masters Degree in Education and Technology from the University of San Francisco. His vision is to continue creating media, documentaries, and curriculum that speaks to the lived experiences of the African diaspora.