Hameed “Herukhuti” Williams

Afrocentric, Decolonizing Kweer Theory (ADKT)

Dr. Herukhuti is a founding contributor to Afrocentric, Decolonizing Kweer Theory (ADKT), Epistemology of the Erotic, and the Funk Aesthetic to Theatre. ADKT is a culturally responsive framework for conceptualizing, understanding, and working with the existence of sexual and gender diversity among people of African descent. Epistemology of the Erotic is a framework for centering the body-mind-spirit as a system for growing knowledge and understanding. The Funk Aesthetic to Theatre is the application of the aesthetics of funk music in the development and presentation of theatrical works. Borrowing from funk music, this approach to theater making is a critical and somatic form of representing reality, specifically but not exclusively Black life at the intersections of race, culture, gender, class, and sexuality.