The Action Lab’s four anchor initiatives cultivate new forms of reflection, learning, imagination, and action to create a robust ecosystem to drive transformational change.

Core Focus Areas

The Initiatives go deep within core focus areas, while generating opportunities for connection across the Initiatives—so, for example, participants in the Justice Initiative have opportunities to collaborate with artists and cultural leaders, to access the supports of the Gathering Strength programs, and to join cross-discipline labs in the Innovation Initiative.

To support the deep work of change—of liberating our imagination, building the muscle of new practices, and fostering deep relationships of trust—each Initiative offers programming anchored in our approaches to generate connection and change:

Fellowships & Residencies

Cultivating respite from daily work for reflection and study, creating space and time for deep engagement, connection, and innovation.

Cohorts & Learning Communities

Building shared experiences over time for reflection and introspection, learning, exploration, practice, and relationship-building that spark new insights and seed networked, life-long relationships that anchor our ecosystem across the country.

Experiments & Innovation Labs

Setting the stage for radical re-imagination, inviting thinkers and doers across disciplines and issue areas to bring their best, biggest, boldest ideas and, over the course of their time together, cook up new solutions for long-standing challenges.

Gatherings & Retreats

Creating shared spaces that support stepping out of daily routines, out of old habits, and away from a purely institutional viewpoint to explore together, learn across disciplines and ecosystem roles, engage with thinkers and experts outside our social justice realm, and spark new insights and strategies for change.


Our fellowships create space for reflection, study and the cultivation of deep engagement, connection, and innovation.