Law & Political Economy & The Action Lab Present: Convening on Law and Power Building 2023


For decades, lawyers invested in progressive social change have grappled with how to deploy their skills – and law itself – to organize for social justice. The desire to wed law to transformative organizing has produced a number of questions: How can law be used to build durable power for poor and oppressed people? What approaches to law and organizing best facilitate this process? How do lawyers orient themselves to counter-hegemonic and anti-systemic movements? How might law and organizing modalities be adapted to meet the challenges of our current political moment?

These and other questions were the animating themes of this convening. With the powerful group of academics, lawyers, and organizers we brought together, we were excited to spark discussion, reflection, and forward thinking among folks with shared commitment to using law to build a more just and democratic society. You can see the video of the event below.

You can find the full program for the convening here.