Strategy School & Art of Purpose Cohort Applications are Live!

The Action Lab will launch its 2024 cohorts in April, and all interested organizers are invited to apply. In both, participants will build fellowship with one another to learn how we are shaped by our history and current conditions, to strengthen our capacities and connections, and to create refreshed ways of organizing and strategy that can power real transformation in our time.

We are launching TWO cohorts simultaneously: the Art of Purpose and the Strategy School. You can apply here.

These two brand new cohort programs will kick off at the same time in April 2024. Please read more about these two cohorts below, and apply to the one that suits you best.

The Art of Purpose

If you and your organization want to:

  • Add dimension to your strategic repertoire weaving political, artistic and relational skills;
  • Develop your understanding of the forces shaping the conditions we organize in and apply it to current strategy. This will include Identity and Capitalism, Power and the State, and Strategy For Our Moment;
  • Heal relationship and build leadership through embodied practice and coaching;
  • Align and develop your staff in relational skills and shared purpose; 
  • Re-energize your base and community culture through creative and cultural innovation.

Then join:

The Art of Purpose is a year-long interdisciplinary fellowship weaving political, relational, and artistic purpose. The cohort will develop the multidimensional capacities of organizers for deepening short term and longer term strategy.

The Art of Purpose Calendar

There will be at least 3 in-person retreats as part of the cohort, monthly in-person and online group embodied purpose sessions, biweekly one-on-one coaching, 3 cross organizational cultural events/community gatherings over the course of a year and also kitchen table salons, field trips and guest speakers.

All participants must commit to participating in all of the retreats and circles. The retreat dates are TBD except for:

  • April 17 (10am) through April 20th (2pm)

Strategy School

If you and your organization want to:

  • Develop your understanding of the forces shaping the world and our long term work as organizers, like identity and capitalism, the state, and an analysis of the current moment;
  • Tune up your priority campaigns to be more effective through a focus on the rigorous application of strategic campaign fundamentals;
  • Sharpen your strategic and tactical analysis, expand your tactical toolbox, and experiment with new approaches alongside other organizers and campaigners.  

Then join: 

Strategy School is a 6-month cohort for organizers in base-building organizations working at the crux of strategy development and execution. The cohort will sharpen participants’ political analysis and create space to develop and experiment with new strategic moves, tactics, and approaches. 

Strategy School Calendar

There will be four in person retreats as part of the cohort. All participants must commit to participating in all of the retreats. Te retreats will be held at The Action Lab in Ossining, New York, on the following days: 

  • April 17 (10am) through April 19 (2pm)
  • May 29 (10am) through May 31 (2pm)
  • July 17 (10am) through July 19 (2pm) 
  • 4th retreat TBD

Interested? Know someone? Want more details? 

Please contact Daniel Coates (daniel@actionlabny.org) for Strategy School and Sumitra Rajkumar (sumitra@actionlabny.org) for The Art of Purpose if you’re interested or if you would like to suggest a potential participant. The application process consists of a short conversation and google form.

The Action Lab will launch both cohorts at a retreat  from April 17th to the 20th in Ossining, NY. Organizers are encouraged to think about where they might better fit. The Action Lab staff will evaluate applications and, in conversation with organizations, build each cohort. Organizers can only be in 1 cohort at any one time.  

The deadline to apply for both cohorts is March 15th,  2024. APPLY HERE!

Applications will be processed and participants notified by March 21st, 2024. 

It is imperative that participants in the Cohort be able to participate in all in person retreats.