Summer Justice Corps

Now in its second year, The Action Lab’s Summer Justice Corps engages students in racial and economic justice work in partnership with community or labor organizations.

This year, twenty undergraduate students from CUNY, the vast majority of whom were students of color, participated in this year’s Summer Justice Corps with Instructor Carolina Bank Muñoz, Professor of Sociology at Brooklyn College whose work focuses on immigration, globalization, labor, work, and Latin America. Organizing and research trainees received group skills-building classroom time, and were each placed in three community-oriented research projects. The housing team did extensive research on the largest market rate housing portfolios in New York City to understand who owns what and how that is linked to efforts to defeat Good Cause Eviction legislation earlier this year. Another team worked with Make the Road NY  to develop a community impact survey, translate it into Spanish, and administer the survey by phone to Make the Road members. Finally, another team team researched and collected a wide range of labor, community, environmental justice, LGBTQ, and racial justice organizing  training materials that can be used by labor and community organizations.